Posted March 2nd, 2005
File Name File Size Description
stylizedfranandme.jpg 669 kb me and the fran...if we lived in a comic book...
new pix 038.jpg 165 kb me and the fran...first date...:-)
new pix 039.jpg 156 kb thing seem to be going well...
new pix 040.jpg 179 kb we're gangsta...i swear.
new pix 042.jpg 105 kb wow...i look like a giant penis :-(!

Posted July 4th, 2004
File Name File Size Description
collegiatenationals2004_05.jpg 158 kb On the way to 2004 nationals...a close up of one of my many "bad sides"...not very photogenic eh...
collegiatenationals2004_06.jpg 169 kb On the way to 2004 nationals...stealing riyouko's pillow...
collegiatenationals2004_17.jpg 239 kb 2004 UCSD Badminton Team Picture
collegiatenationals2004_35.jpg 209 kb @dave's house, with steph and jo-ann
collegiatenationals2004_45.jpg 173 kb BUSTED!...
mike22bday01.jpg 242 kb Mike Do's Bday thingie @ Friday' with steph jo-ann and hansen
mike22bday11.jpg 148 kb Mike Do's Bday thingie @ Friday' and grace looking cute??
mike22bday12.jpg 178 kb Mike Do's Bday thingie @ Friday's...caroline the dominatrix...hmmm...

Posted May 4th, 2004
File Name File Size Description
stephandjoanne1.jpg 216 kb these pictures are from the 2004 warren semi formal (these are andy's takes)
possesseddave.jpg 196 kb here's dave doing the robot dance
melissa.jpg 208 kb melissa looking confused
hansenandjoanne.jpg 231 kb the only REAL couple...
stephanddave.jpg 208 kb it's the lambayashi!!
freakyjoanne.jpg 211 kb candid shot of joanne at olive garden

Posted January 15th, 2004
File Name File Size Description
UCSDgirl.JPG 180 kb a closeup of Steph's mouth @ UCI game
UCSDgrouppicture.JPG 230 kb josh, dave, steph, joanne @ UCI game
restaraunt120603.jpg 1316 kb the team @ international cafe
P1010010.jpg 658 kb me looking like a 5 yr old @ UCI game

Posted August 13th, 2003
File Name File Size Description
myadformotorsportproducts.jpg 182 kb Here's my first Magazine ad i did for my company...hello desk job (=AC!) !!!

Posted August 10th, 2003
File Name File Size Description
Monkeyfaces.jpg 112 kb Hawaii 2003...Me and my lil cousin...trying to teach him how to cross eyes...but i sucked too :-)...aint he adorable!
PolyCulFamily.jpg 177 kb Hawaii2k3 !!! the family and some the polynesian cultural center
VicHanamaBay.jpg 75 kb HAWAII! It was friggin windy out there...hanama bay...waiting for this water spout to come up due to the waves er something...wasnt that great...

Posted June 20th, 2003
File Name File Size Description
graduation1.jpg 15 kb Villa Park Graduation Pictures me carrying chub chub
graduation2.jpg 28 kb nhi caught us by surprise...BITCH!
graduation3.jpg 55 kb linda jojo me howard...yes i was grabbing howard...ur point?!
graduation4.jpg 65 kb me, linda, mom, grams...lookin sexy!
graduation5.jpg 65 kb mom dad me linda :-)
graduation6.jpg 33 kb pouting cuz linda is going to ucr and im going to sd :-(!!!
graduation7.jpg 30 kb wow that hug looked forced! :-P
graduation8.jpg 43 kb linda flashin them unretainered teeth...oooh shiny...:-D
graduation9.jpg 38 kb too many smiles...muscles starting to cramp
graduation10.jpg 20 kb another candid shot...
graduation11.jpg 34 kb blurry...but oh so awwww...

Posted June 18th, 2003
File Name File Size Description
fatkid.jpg 101 kb who is this fat boi?!
posepicjohnmichelle1.jpg 28 kb John and Michelle got their pic taken at Pose in mainplace
troyhome2002alexrobin.jpg 32 kb yea yea...old pic
troyhome2002chrismimi.jpg 18 kb another oldie...juss scanned my wallet for fun
troyhome2002marksheila.jpg 31 kb eh?? is that guy still around?
troyprom2003kevinjess.jpg 22 kb howard's cuz and "hot girl" from badminton :-P
vpformal2003brianjamie.jpg 34 kb GET A ROOM!!!
vpformal2003danmeg.jpg 39 kb what can i say...too very speshul people :-)
vpformal2003henrychristine.jpg 40 kb el hendrick y la christina...
vpformal2003meggroup.jpg 61 kb group i woulda been in for winter formal 2003 (i didnt go cuz of someone!!! ergs!)
vphome2002alexangie.jpg 41 kb its bleh eck...
vphome2002brianjamie.jpg 32 kb they juss keep coming back...
vphome2002henryanne.jpg 45 kb dont worry anne, im worse of a dancer than henry...:-(!
vphome2002johnmichelle.jpg 27 kb yawnie?? (that how u spell it stevo??) cant smile! :-D
vpprom2002johnjackie.jpg 36 kb old pic...still great people!
vpprom2002kentsally.jpg 69 kb 69 kb...haha how fitting
vpprom2002robertreyna.jpg 35 kb very very cute :-)
vpprom2002victorlinda1.jpg 69 kb hmmm...its me last year!
vpprom2002victorlinda2.jpg 69 kb me again...too shy to even hold her...hehe i was a newb!
vpprom2003davidjulie.jpg 32 kb wow the twins were hot stuff!!!
vpprom2003henrycindy.jpg 35 kb pedophile!!! jk jk
vpprom2003howardjojo.jpg 42 kb howierdo and jojoman...what a couple...
vpprom2003johnmichelle.jpg 33 kb can ya say POOFY dress??
vpprom2003michaelchristie.jpg 33 kb she turned out to be a nifty person :-)
vpprom2003mygrouppic.jpg 42 kb its us!! great group tons of fun :-)
vpprom2003mygrouppiclarge.jpg 170 kb here's the encore presentation in wide screen format
vpprom2003victorlindalarge.jpg 117 kb me and linda living life large!
vpsadies2002marksheila.jpg 40 kb yea that guy again...