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[Rent - Seasons Of Love]
FACT: I lost my dad's camera with all of the pictures of all of the relatives we visited in china today...AFTER-THE-FACT: there is no excuse...BUT in my defense, i had lost it partially because i thought my dad had left his backpack after paying for lunch...so i hastily grabbed my pack and his and ran out to catch up...then again i left the camera sitting on a chair...okay anyways...none of that should have made any sense...the point is...by the time i found out that i had left the camera...we had left he mountain ( oh yea we're in Li Jiang of the Yunnan Province of China for those who arent up to date with my day to day whereabouts )...anyhoo the real point is that we drove back to the restaurant on the mountain...and then went through the regular questioning of the employees because it had only been an hr since we ate there...of course that was totally pointless...we tried to scare them into confessing by threatening to involve the police. unfotunately our empty threat turned real when our driver who wasnt in on our ploy decided to call the police and showed up they did...(first time i called the cops...well second time if you count the time when i accidently called the cops using our speed dial...genius dad put 911 on speed dial #1). they proceeded to grill the poor girl who had cleaned up our table even though it was pretty obvious that she was innocent...(of course if im wrong then she's a damned good actor)...i dont kno, i caused a huge fiasco...actually im not sure why im writing this...basically. I am sad. i made a girl cry who looks younger than me but is probably a lot older...(looks a lot like grace )...oh yea and the police officer even searched her room...it was very very run down...i dont kno the whole feeling was just messed up...the idea that they would take the word of an outsider just because im a tourist...i mean basically if you came to china...u could make just about any claim and they have to take you seriously...i dont kno the other employees were talking crap in another dialect the whole time too...i dont kno what im trying to get at...comments? should we have called in the authorities? please note that it pretty much could have been anyone and it was totally my fault that i left the camera in the first place. and such poverty here...its ridiculous...there's two girls sharing a bed thats smaller than my twin bed back home...the room is a shack...its not even a room...they share an 'enclosure' for like 8 people...everyone needs to see this...its not exactly life changing but...chasing after the latest trends no longer seems as relevant...im a victim of my upbringing right?...so i cant exactly give up worldly pleasures and walk the earth...right? of course not...lol im too rooted in capitalism...and it should also be noted that no matter how poor people are here with exception some tibetian monks (which are a dime a dozen here...) wanna get rich...its just too chinese lol...stereotypes own...oh man yea...basically what im trying to say...is that if you ever thought i was a jerk...i never reallie felt it ...but today i feel like a big fucking jerk...okay that is all...carry on ya'll.

Posted March 2nd, 2005
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